At Kaishi we are committed to author design, all our collections are designed under the creative approach of the designer Hugo Tejada, who has captured all his experience in the products that make up our catalogue. His influence is represented in each concept, inspired by different styles, all reinterpreted under his creative vision.

All our products talk about light, about how to control a light effect, with the intention of arousing sensations and generating emotions without forgetting the functionality of the product, for this reason we propose beautiful and functional objects with the aim of making life easier for people.

We are a young and committed team, with extensive experience in the lighting sector. We care about offering the best service to all our clients, whether they are end customers or professionals, advising and proposing solutions that meet the needs of all our users.

Committed to the environment, we use noble materials and manufacturing processes that generate the least possible impact, for this reason we work with different artisans in the creation of our products. Our packaging is made with recycled cardboard, we have eliminated the use of plastics that can generate long-lasting waste, with the aim of being a sustainable company committed to nature.