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  • Material

    Aluminum White/Gold and White/Wood

  • Measurements and weight

    23x19x30cm - 2,6Kgr

  • Product info

    Integrated non-replaceable LED EDISON dimmable, max. 5W, 330lm, 3000K, 220-240V, 600mA. Clase II.


It was born to become an icon, an animated object with a life of its own, a nice proposal with a marked youthful style. TAKE A WAY is a portable lamp inspired by the lanterns used in the railway stations of the past, a reinterpretation of the old railway lamps under an updated aesthetic. The lamp is a totally versatile object, being a portable object, we can use it anywhere without the need for cables thanks to the incorporation of a long-lasting lithium battery. The lamp is made of aluminium, a material that provides robustness and lightness to the object. In addition, it integrates dimmable LED technology, which allows you to regulate the intensity of light depending on the needs of the moment, a surprising proposal that will not leave you indifferent.

Hugo Tejada

Hugo Tejada studied Industrial Design at the Cardenal Herrera CEU University, later specializing in automobile design at the UPV in Valencia. After finishing his studies in 2007, he began his professional career as part of the design department of an important lighting firm, in addition to collaborating with various national companies and studios.

In 2011 he founded his own design studio from which he collaborates with different national and international companies in the development of new products, contributing his knowledge and creative vision.

The studio's philosophy is product innovation and functionality, all projects are treated with the same passion and commitment, from the first sketch to the final product. The observation of the world that surrounds us is the main source of inspiration for the creative process, the analysis of day-to-day needs directly influences the approach of new concepts, trying to facilitate the user's relationship with the objects that surround him.

The main objective is to provide service and advice to companies that consider design as an added value and need their product to have a distinctive sign that helps them stand out from the rest, increasing the value of their brand and their competitiveness in times of social change. that we live in today.

5 Items

Data sheet

http://kaishi-lamps.com/img/cms/1_TAKE A WAY_KAISHI_CONJUNTO_SLIDE_SOBREMESA.jpg
http://kaishi-lamps.com/img/cms/2_TAKE A WAY_KAISHI_CONJUNTO_SLIDE_SOBREMESA.jpg
http://kaishi-lamps.com/img/cms/5_TAKE A WAY_KAISHI_SOBREMESA_SLIDE.jpg
http://kaishi-lamps.com/img/cms/6_TAKE A WAY_KAISHI_SOBREMESA_SLIDE.jpg
Aluminum White/Gold and White/Wood
Medidas y peso
23x19x30cm - 2,6Kgr
Info producto
Integrated non-replaceable LED EDISON dimmable, max. 5W, 330lm, 3000K, 220-240V, 600mA. Clase II.
https://kaishi-lamps.com/img/cms/TAKE A WAY_KS6311T.pdf
https://kaishi-lamps.com/img/cms/TAKE A WAY_KS6311T-LED.pdf




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